Armed Security Guard

Street Address 522 27th St.
City Garden City
ZIP/Postal Code 80631
State Colorado
Country United States

We are a growing company seeking a Armed Security Guard in the Marijuana Industry. Among other qualifications, the position requires obtaining a MMED Badge from the State of Colorado (No drug related felonies past 10 years, No back- State or Federal taxes owed, No defaulted student loans)

Maintains the sensibility to detect, assess, and protect security risks creating solutions to best protect the company.
Responsible for monitoring and observing security cameras in efforts to detect suspicious and unlawful behavior.
Performs perimeter checks around all properties, insuring the security of the premises for all employees, patients and/or customers.
Other job duties as assigned.
Must stay current and adhere to all policy and regulations of the Colorado Medical Marijuana Enforcement Division (MMED); and obtain a Garden City Merchant Guard License.

Prefer Military or Law Enforcement experience and great customer service.

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