City Los Angeles
State California
Country United States

Smith, Moore, & Baker, LLC: 949-346-3877 Are you involved in a legal dispute or conflict? Might you like a licensed attorney to weigh in on your behalf just long enough to make the other side come to their senses? BUT hiring an attorney is usually very expensive, and your situation really only requires that your lawyer make a quick analysis and presentation, or even just make his presence known in a cameo fashion.

Why buy the cow when all that you really need is a hamburger; right? Or, to put it in the terms of my vegan daughter: Why buy the strawberry field when all that you need is a half a dozen strawberries? Actually, there is a sensible alternative: If you so desire, we can provide just the small amount of representation that your situation requires, and at a very low price.

At prices starting at only $125, we can draft an Attorney’s Letter, from a licensed attorney, for presentation to the person, company, or party, of your choice.

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