Bud tender & grower trainer/Developer

City Riverside
State California
Country United States

What I can do is a few things.
Show you some of the easiest tips and tricks to
A. Increase your over all size of buds ( which increases yield )
B. Increase density of your buds ( Size and density are not one in the same )
C. Decrease your flowering time on ALL strains from 5 days to 15 days without harvesting prematurely.
D. All Natural ways to increase the amount of and the size of your Trichomes
E. Increased Stomata production, which will increase your Co2 intake also adding to your over all increase in yield ( on top of A and B )
F. All natural ways to boost your plants natural immune system
G. A nutrient regiment that will raise your plants Brix levels to a minimum of 15% up to 23% in Veg. ( we have tested 23.4% in veg )
H. A mother plant feed ( if you do your own clones ) with a perfect 1-1-1 ratio that will increase brix, immune system, enhance flavors and tastes, have more stored energy ( which also increases ending yield ) have clones that will root in 5-8 days, have the roots on your clones double to triple in size.
I. A clone soak that boosts the plants rooting time.
J. Key lighting tricks for faster rooting
K. Key lighting tricks for extending flowering plants light cycle to just under 14 hours. Regardless of strain.
L. Tricks and keys of using UVA and UVB in flowering and veg.
M. Natural stress methods to increase resin and THC production
N. A foliar feed that strengthens cell walls in the plant allowing them to support the weight of heavy flowers
O. Foliar feed that will eradicate any detrimental pest/disease and not kill off any beneficial bugs. ( we guarantee this and everything else we are stating )
P. Tricks for smoother faster transitions. That equals less stress on plants. Also how to get the plant to use the stored energy to produce buds instead of using it’s energy to assimilate nutrients and then the remaining energy on production. ( usually a plant can use up to 20-30% of its energy on just assimilating or processing the food you give it. We can show you how to reduce that number to about 8-12% resulting in more energy being put into what comes natural to the plants.. Producing flowers )

There are also many other tricks and tips that I have used over the past 20 years on growing. I have the reputation to back up my claims and the product I grow as well. My clones are known all over as being ” Hands down the best clones ever”. Per magazines like ” Big Bud Magazine ” Or ” Raw Nutrients “.

If you want to increase your overall production and quality while at the same time, reducing the amount of man hours needed, please let me know. I would be happy to schedule an interview to assess your possible opportunities in increasing your business’s over all bottom line while decreasing costs and instead of curing issues as they arise.. Flat out preventing them. Any testing done with come back with 0 pesticides, molds, mildews, or ANYTHING that is negative, except maybe that quality is to strong for some of your patients.

I guarantee results. Contact me if you wish to know more

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