Budtender, Marijuana delivery driver, Trimme,r Dispensary management, Marijuana cultivator, Seed broker, Cannabis product tester,, Packaging specialist, Inventory specialist ,Consultant Accountant, Security officer, Marketers

State California
Country United States

We provide jobs at all level both entry and veteran levels

We are looking for a full-time, hard-working, and team oriented individual to join our team! We want an outgoing and passionate Budtender, trimmers and growers who are looking for long-term employment along side trimmers and growers. Our Budtenders will assist the management team with the activities and operations of the store, while abiding by policies, procedures and operational guidelines.. We offer a good salary and provide a comfortable environment. You can start your career now. Newbies are very much welcome as you will get all the best training you will need to succeed in your career. Email: green.medical@job4u.com


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