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We are committed dealers of quality top shelf medical/medicated, high breed grade AAA strains and the best of THC/CBD sativa and indica strains. We are committed to ensuring your privacy and security is protected at all times, we care so much that we offer guaranteed stealth delivery to anywhere in the world at no extra cost! All orders are fully guaranteed, so whatever happens, nothing will ever stand between you and your package once you place an order with us!

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What Is the Super Silver Haze Marijuana Strain?

Buy super silver haze online. A skillfully crafted and precisely bred marijuana strain that has become probably one of the most long-term iconic crops arriving from the brilliant individuals at Green House Seeds during the 1990s; Super Silver Haze marijuana is a super Sativa that can literally change your world if you have trouble making it through the day without feeling mentally and physically exhausted. Buy super silver haze online

With a parental lineage extending from three distinguished reefer types, Super Silver Haze arises from a crossing between the Northern Lights (indica), Haze (Sativa) and Skunk No. 1 (hybrid).

Buy super silver haze online | super snapple haze strain
Instead, with the Super Silver Haze marijuana strain, it is possible to remain calm, while still feeling “on-the-go”, the combination that just about any busy person could hope for. Additionally, Super Silver Haze marijuana boasts a sizeable THC content, ranging in the 18-23 percentile.

Super Silver Haze Aroma, Flavor and Appearance

Super Silver Haze weed’s aroma is vastly pleasant, however in Associate in Nursing surprising manner.

contact us via text or call at +1 (225) 522-1537
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