Cannabis Women’s Empowerment November Challenge

Street Address 12575 Venice Blvd Unit #202
City Los Angeles
ZIP/Postal Code 90066
State California
Country United States

Want to feel empowered, give back, and connect with some great women who are pioneers in the cannabis industry? This challenge is for you!

As women leaders in the cannabis industry, we have one duty… TO INSPIRE, TO EMPOWER, TO GIVE BACK, but more importantly.. to make the cannabis industry, the industry we want to see.
While men in November will grow their beards to spread awareness about prostate cancer (as they should!), let’s use this time to do something a bit different and life-changing. Let’s use this time to give back to those girls, women, grandmothers, daughters, aunts who need a little inspiration in the cannabis industry.

We are all gifted at something special, whether it’s teaching someone how to build a business, taking photos, lifting someone’s spirits, providing medicine to those women who need it. We are meant to help others!!!

So how does this challenge work?
1. Sign up by purchasing a free ticket.
2. Join our FB Group where I’ll post each day’s challenge.
3. Commit for 30 days (starts November 1, 2017) to the challenge.
4. Share this page with as many women as possible!!!! (cannabis or non-cannabis).

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