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Street Address No. 175 of Buliding B of BINJIANG MALL ,Qiaoxi district, Shijiazhuang city,Hebei Province, China.
City Shijiazhuang
ZIP/Postal Code 050000
State Alabama
Country United States

We are a professional pharmaceutical intermediates manufacturer with more than ten years experince and we can offer products like:
PMK cas13605-48-6 & BMK cas16648-44-5  CBD isolate cas 13956-29-1 Cannabidiol cbd oil
MK-677,  Chlorpropham , Paraquat  HGH Sildenafil Tadanafil , lidocaine, tetracaine,benzocaine, and prilocaine procaine
mk2866 / mk677 / bmdp /andarineS-4
GW501516 /SR9009 /yk11 /LGD-4033 /RAD140 /LGD-3033 /AICAR
Testosterone Enanthate
Testosterone Cypionate
Testosterone Propionate
Best quality & lowest price can be provided & larger quantity, will be discount..
Small sample testing order is welcomed.
Product list can be sent for your reference. 
Safe package & fast delivery & shipping guaranteed.
Factory direct sales with good quality and affordable price.
If any interest, pls feel free to contact with us.

Email: linda@SpeedGainpharma.com 
Skype:  live:linda_17289 
Whatapp/wechat: +86-13292893150
Website:  www.SpeedGainpharma.com 


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