Wanted: Concentrates vape cartridges and topshelf organic buds/leaves

State New York
Country United States

My name is Merlin from back east. Im looking for Assorted Concentrates vape cartridges and topshelf organic buds/leaves for cannagars. I’m willing to meet in person provided you have a contact representing your interest here in New York City. No exchanges on the first meet. Where just feeling each other out. They must be able to vape, have dinner or a drink. I prefer to meet in high end establishments, so they must look sharp. I run two delivery services, one in brooklyn, one here in manhattan, and we recently started a pet delivery service in the wall st area. If your able to facilitate my request , feel free to check out my needs below. If not, i thank you for your time in advance.



These are the numbers I’m paying now. I’m looking to get the following at a lower cost. Frequency 200 carts per week. Conentrates, half unit to 2 units every 14 days…

$750 oz Wax
$850 oz Clear
$850 oz Shatter
$850 oz Crumble
$850 oz Budder
$950 oz Live Resin
$3500 Indoor Units
$3200 Outdoor Units

Vape Cartridges…
.5 100 $20 1.0 100 $30
Moxie 710 Brassknuckles Hitters or vapes
with good reviews.

Crystalline THCA
Rick Simpson Oil.
Pet friendly cannabis products.

Call or Text 917 701 9824

If you have signal that’s a plus.

Wikr EliteMedical710




Merlin & Raven


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  1. KushScott420 says:

    Hello mate we are ready to do good business at your best prices .Contact us at Jhudges12@gmail.com for business

  2. Jenny says:

    what is your location ?

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