Field Manager

Street Address Little Buck Mtn Rd
City Garberville
ZIP/Postal Code 95542
State California
Country United States

Humboldt Growers farm manager position is open – career starts in January.

This is a unique job. You must be highly skilled in large scale cannabis cultivation. You should know as much as the boss does – that’s forty years of experience – or pick it up damn quick. You must be able to work with a team – if you cant work easily with people, do not bother to apply.

You must be passionate about living in the country and about creating a success in the new emerging cannabis industry. Here, you die trying.

This is not a training facility. If you don’t have it walking in, then we don’t want you on staff.

There is no glory here, just hard work.

The job involves far more than just cannabis. The farm is a wholesale ornamental tree nursery; a 350 tree olive orchard; and a cannabis nursery and cultivation farm.

Humboldt Growers is serious; we are part owners in a dispensary; we have a radio show; we mean what we are doing. We wholly own our land; unlike our competition, who are in debt. We are licensed to grow in Humboldt County. We have elaborate infrastructure already in place. We are ahead of the game; we plan to stay that way; we mean what we are doing. We are actively expanding into both commercial seed and clone production.

You are about to talk with owners that have 80 years of collective cannabis experience in our family.

And you heard that right, we are a family operation.

Our perfect Field Manager …

– more than mere technical proficiency in cannabis growing
– beginner’s mind; not a beginner
– can think two steps ahead, always
– able to lead teams and interact well with people (2 or more)
– organized

– shared living situation
– manager has own sleeping cabin
– manager has office space & work wi-fi access
– well water
– farm-generated electricity
– we got a pond
– real country beautiful – bears, mountain lions and the real woods

– farm management involves
– care of the wholesale/retail nursery – japanese maples mainly
– care/harvest of 350 olive tree orchard
– planting/care/harvest of 10K sq ft of cannabis cultivation – awards!
– ranch maintenance – machinery and systems
– infrastructure
– automatic water systems

If you want to be considered for our team, to be a part of what we are doing, send your resume and references to Visit our blog to get a better idea of who we are –


the other owner:

There is glory. The kind of glory one experiences climbing Mount Everest or winning a catamaran race by working in perfect unison with his comrades. The feeling of free American blood pumping through your veins.

This is not about cannabis. This is the free world’s and America’s last stand against the pharmaceutical companies and big business monopolies. Cannabis is the world’s and America’s opportunity to re-write the rules in favor of small family run business providing higher quality products and personalized service. The other states will get on board or they will tank.

There has only ever been one front line. If you want to be part of winning this war…..pick up a shovel and come to work in Humboldt County. With your commitment we will all win or we will die trying.

Humboldt Growers Unite!

We are done with talk but no walk; we are done with short-sighted people whose thinking stops with themselves only; we are done with the yahoos and this painful transition out of the black market; we are done. If you are part of the old paradigm, don’t apply.

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