Field Tech: Water Filtration Systems

Street Address 8411 Market St
City San Francisco
ZIP/Postal Code 94103
State California
Country United States

Field Tech: Water Filtration Systems

Location: San Francisco Bay Area, CA

The position is responsible for utilizing water filtration knowledge to troubleshoot equipment and handle customer relations for a major water filtration equipment company focused on the horticulture field.

• Communicate confident understanding of home and commercial water filtration designs to customers
• Troubleshoot water filtration systems in agricultural settings
• Work hand-in-hand with R+D department in understanding equipment functions and applications
• Describe environmental drawbacks and benefits of reverse-osmosis systems to customer base
• Travel 1-2 days a week for field service calls
• Explain benefits of filtered water for horticultural operations involving TDS (total dissolved solids) and PPM (parts per million)
• Speak confidently about filtered water applications in conjunction with nutrient / fertilizer regiments
• Communicate an understanding of valves, pumps, and electrical connections involved in commercial and home-based irrigation systems
• Conceptualize customer’s irrigation and filtration systems from a distance and problem solve accordingly
• Describe electrical and water requirements for specific filtration units to customers
• Work with upper management pursuing the overall goals and visions of the company

Professional and Educational Experience
• Technical knowledge: water filtration systems
• B.A. in engineering or similar field is desired but not required
• Customer relations experience is a necessity
• Communications skills and confident speaking ability a must
• Experience in water filtration industry required: agricultural irrigation, home-based RO systems, large scale aquariums, pool / water-feature installations
• Knowledge about the hydroponics industry and the use water based or water soluble of nutrient / fertilizer mixes is strongly desired

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