Fit Naturopathic Center

Street Address 5401 Leary Ave NW
City Ballard
ZIP/Postal Code 98107
State Washington
Country United States

Located in Ballard, Seattle, WA

As a part of the Fit Wellness Centers philosophy We believe there is more to health than just the absence of disease. We believe you can feel better today than you did yesterday and that with small changes over time we can create lasting change, be free from pain, and continue to do the things we enjoy for years to come.
Learn how Biofeedback & Mind Body Medicine techniques can bring about an improves sense of well being and improve your ability to change how you react to stress in your daily life.

Do you wish to be alert, adaptable, and live in balance through you day?
Do you take the time and space to be fully present in the moment, to enjoy what life has to offer?
Fit Naturopathic physicians use a process-oriented, mindfulness-based, natural exploration of how to respond to daily stressors in your life without aggravating your health. Standard medicine practices emphasize the eradication and elimination of disease, while there is a time and place for these approaches, providing your body with the space, presence and materials it is looking for helps build and improve your health naturally.

By examining your thought processes, personal stories, and identifying how your thoughts and feelings are held within the body, you can become more fluid mentally, re-establish focus, understand your body and symptoms, and begin to build and restructure new healthy habits. By re-framing core beliefs that influence and sustain your current habits and behaviors, you can begin to live in a more balanced state.

During the process you become more aware of how you inhabit your body, and how your thoughts and emotions live within your breath, mind, and body.

The providers at Fit Naturopathic Center combines the art of naturopathic medicine, breath, and bodywork to restore energetic and autonomic balance, so you can keep your mind and body fit and stress free.


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