Flowers, Moonrock, Shatter, Cartridges, Edibles

State California
Country United States

THIS IS OUR ONLY AD ON HERE! Do not fall for imitators pretending to be us, as they are scammers! We are NOT affiliated with anyone.

Top Shelf Distributing is a collection of growers and vendors that has over 100 years combined experience in the industry. Fire Greenhouse starting at $1300 per unit, Light Dep units $1600, Indoor units $2200 – $2500, Private Reserve units $2700. Shatter units $6000. Moon rocks units $4500. 500 mg Edibles $15 each. Half gram wax cartridges testing at 80% THC $20 each. Save time and money and go straight to the professionals. We don’t have other jobs, this is our trade. Come experience the best. website or text/call 940-441-7105


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