State Washington
Country United States

We are a cannabis-friendly transportation and events company near Seattle, but expanding everywhere with cannabis legalization. We need to find the funds for cool, classic cars or find people and classic car dealers who would like to partner with. So if you could find me an investor who wants to invest $20,000 for a cool classic, I’d pay you 10%, or $2,000 in this case. As soon as we are funded you can choose to help us in any way you feel best on legitimate payroll. We are also offered a show on THE U.S.WEED CHANNEL on ROKU. I am also trying to get someone started on a cool CHRONIC CARRIAGES The Magazine, and someone to get our cool logos on merchandise. We have over 20,000 family, friends, and fans on social media globally, and cannabis just legalized in 24 states. 🙂

    How to Apply

    You can e-mail or @ You can also call us anytime @ 425-679-2186. We also just started enrollment on our CANNALIFE Academy and are looking for knowledgeable cannabis instructors for short, educational videos and get paid every click. 🙂………………………

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