GrandDaddy Purple, OG Kush, Sour Og Kush, Green Crack, Jack Dream, AK-47,

Street Address ave na 1 road
City Jeffersonville
ZIP/Postal Code 31044
State Georgia
Country United States

Have Year Around Supply Of Organic , Flushed, Frosty Loud Medical Marijuana at a Fair Donation. Looking For Patients, Donators, Who Need Year Around Supply Of Top Shelf Medical Marijuana, At A Fair Price , Have 5 Different Strains On Hand, Bulk Available, Have Quality as well as Quantity, All Strains Are From Green House Or Indoor, A Few Outdoor Units Too, All Products Are Grown From Northern California, Looking For Long Term Clients, Patients, Who Need A Honest, Loyal, Fair, Long Term Business Partner or Supplier, Also Have Operation Investments Too, Call For More Details, No Scams No B.S..
Strains On Hand:
GrandDaddy Purple,
OG Kush,
Sour Og Kush,
Green Crack,
Jack Dream,
Gorilla Glue
Girls Scout Cookie
Lemon skunk
Purple Kush,
Bubba Kush,
Bubblegum Kush,
Text us at . . …..16823050564
xtasy powder
Big K
etc contact for updated menu All strains are both 60% Indica 40% Sativa *Potency(THC82-87%/THC:15-27%)*Grade:A++-THC:15-27%,*CBD:.35%*CBN:.10%*Origin:California*Flowering Time:9-10 weeks,Yield:*Grown:Indoor.9-10 weeks flowering time.
Medicinal value includes relief from stress, anxiety, depression,pain, and insomnia.Available Grade A All strains are with a Beautiful dense, frosty nugs with a loud nosewith strong smell, It’s Grown by professionals with care. Flushedproperly and trimmed tight. Very potent and delicious! Looking For Loyal, Long Term Buyers/Patients
All Products Grade A+
Call For More Details ….16823050564

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