Street Address New York New York
City New York
ZIP/Postal Code 10012
State Alabama
Country United States

alpha testo boost x mental block for movie rights he came in here every day not even knowing his weight so today to be the first time he hops on the scale let’s see if it’s it let’s go when you work out I came here I try to win myself three 81.6 last week was 388 OS 7.6 25 there you go so that’s all outside brain – baby can’t get more special than this but you have to weigh in yeah that’s it working right alright guys so first we can do a 30 yard sprint and back so that 60 yard sprint then you can come over here hit the straight bar 50 pounds shoulder press 12 reps and right outside alleys and go into battle ropes you got it Mookie let’s get it let’s get it baby come on Freddie I’m gonna just 3 2 1 from this call from this yellow one to the second one ready 3 2 1 go you got 30 seconds 30 seconds for nine come on get back to it [Music] the artist y’all those cobwebs


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