ISO 17025 TCL Consulting – TurnKey Accredited Cannabis Labs

City Los Angeles
State California
Country United States

At TCL we are equipped with a fully competent and ready staff that will support you in all major aspects of laboratory
creation, development, final accreditation and post support. You will have a cannabis laboratory up and running fast and efficient with little or no research and development time for quick entry into the cannabis industry. Our services include consulting on proper site selection, establishing systems and protocols enabling you to meet both ISO 17025 and NEFAP accreditation standards. We will be assisting with location buildout, purchase/setup of required laboratory equipment, hiring/training of personnel and work with you as a team to ensure your lab is fully functional, staffed and accredited at the project completion date for potency, moisture content, water activity. Any additional analytes can also be added as required.

Year Established:

Our company assures the hiring and training of all new employees to a level 3 per the Quality Management System.

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