Korova Edibles

State California
Country United States

Korova Edibles is dedicated to offering an unwaveringly consistent product with truly unrivaled potency offered at a compassionate price. Help us stop the Proposed 100mg THC potency caps!! New state regulations want to limit your edibles to 100mg of THC per package. – Click the link to tell us your story of how High potency Edibles have helped you and about how a 100mg THC cap would be a hardship for you. – We’ll forward your stories directly to California lawmakers during this period of public comment. Together we can help fight 100mg THC potency caps! – —> korovaedibles.com to submit your story to help!

We start with only top quality cannabis trim and flowers and fresh ingredients all prepared in our health department certified, industrial kitchen, by our knowledgeable kitchen staff with a certified food manager on site. We test for potency, molds, and pesticides at multiple stages of production and are currently available at over 700 California locations.

Our Website: http://www.korovaedibles.com/edibles/

FaceBook: https://www.facebook.com/KorovaEdibles/


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