Marijuana Grow Technician

State Colorado
Country United States

Grow Technician Job Description

The Seed and Smith Grow Technician position is responsible for working with the Assistant Managers in order to provide product that meets the quantity and quality standards set by ownership and upper management. The Grow Technician position is expected to work well with ownership, management, other production members, and other company employees to keep Seed and Smith and all associated companies a competitive leader in the MMJ and RMJ industry.

Job duties include (but are not limited to) the following:

• Provide 40+ hours of quality work per week and work all scheduled shifts.
• Maintain health of all plants at the facility in respect to manager’s requests.
• Maintain warehouse compliance based on managers requests.
• Maintain warehouse cleanliness.
• Organization of warehouse.
• Regularly inspect plants for pest issues. (insects, mold, etc.)
• Maintain proper security protocols put in place at the facility.
• Maintain communication with employees and management.
• Watering & feeding of all plants to managers request.
• Transplanting clones and veg plants.
• Taking clones to meet production batch size and variety requirements.
• Carry out pest management plan.
• Veg plant pruning & topping.
• Trellising and pruning bloom plants.
• Grinding and proper disposal of plant waste.
• Temp & humidity monitoring.
• Cleaning trays, water lines, hoods, and room for reset.
• Reset new plants in bloom rooms.
• Maintenance of warehouse equipment. (Fans, lights, pumps, meters, etc.)

Level 3 Compensation:

Base Salary $35,000 per year

Individuals who are unable to meet these requirements need not apply. This is not an entry level position.

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