moon rock etc.

State California
Country United States


2.5-3.7 = 50

60-75= 1/4th dro

90-130= 1/4th haze( better bud fluffy higher thc content)

120-160= 1/2 dro

170-220 = 1/2 haze

200-260 1 oz dro

370-435= 1 oz haze

* All prices listed reflect quality but im not saying u cant get a oz of good haze for 320, its hard but that is y i said CONECT WITH ME ASAP and get a discont.(678) 759-6858 or 804 410 5650

Marijuana brands: Haze- Purple haze- white rhino- bluebery dro- kush-sour disel- juicy fruit

and countless other kinds, if ya can name it ya can find it but mostly its just called dro or hazae or exotic dro , not many sadly enough know the name’s of thier bud


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