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City Florida
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State Oklahoma
Country United States

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High Quality Medical Marijuana , Pain Killer (Pills & Powders) , Sativa , Indica and Hybrid Strains , Cannabis Oils For Cancer , Chronic And Back Pain , Anxiety And Nerve Pain , Insomnia , Wax , Edibles , Clones , Concentrates , Hashes And Hash Oil And Other Related Products Available At Discount Prices
website ..

I only deal in top shelf, high quality cannabis. All MY flowers have

T.H.C. value in the range anywhere from 16-24%, with C.B.D. levels of +/-

.6% ,

I’m constantly updating are menu, and improving my products, and

services. Some of my strains.

Indica Strains available

1.Super Skunk

2. Raspberry kush

3. Platanium boba kush

4.Blue berry kush

5.Blue cheese

6. Master kush

7. Northern light

8. Granddaddy purple

Sativa strains available

1. Sour diesel

2. Lemon haze

3. Purple haze

4. Island sweet skunk

5. Strawberry cough

6. Super silver haze

7. Super sour diesel

8. Mango haze

HYBRID strains available

1. OG kush

2. White widow

3. NYC diesel

4.Bubble gum

5. AK- 47

6. Gelato

7. Candy kush

8. Snoop’s Dream in association with (

We also have Moon rock available for sell sir / madam

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*18 years or older.

*Not law enforcement or affiliated

*Prop 215 (if not say that ahead of time)

*Not donating for illegal use of mmj

Please make sure You are not a law enforcement officer, nor a postal inspector, or operating under an assumed name or in cooperation with any criminal investigation; nor am I seeking out evidence which may serve as the basis for any charge of violating federal,state, or local laws.Must state there involvement with law enforcement..

website ..

call or text ….+1(432)203-5957

Whats-app…. +1(432)203-5957


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