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State Idaho
Country United States

This strain is a cross between Purple Urkle and a Trainwreck and is composed of 60% indica properties and 40% sativa properties. Its aroma is very sweet and has a taste of a fruity/ purple grape. Its buds are a light green color with a hint of purple. This cannabis plant is best grown outdoors, and is a favorite among growers because of its high yields. Patients feel focused and clean when they use this strain, so it is recommended for daytime medicating. It has also been known to help patients get things accomplished throughout the day, because of its motivating effects. Purple Wreck is recommended to patients who suffer from depression or muscle aches. This strain is also known for its motivating effects it has on patients.

We ship in top discreet packaging using smell-proof bags, we vacuum seal and disguise the package so it can’t be detected by canine or electronic sniffles. We ship to both homes and PO Box address, all 100% safe. We do express overnight within USA. It will take 3 to 5 business days delivery
Canada, Europe and Australia….

Contact via details below:
Email: sales@kush-cannabisoil.com
Text #: +1 (424) 327-4076
Website: http://kush-cannabisoil.com/
Kik id…….morganson1


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