Quality THC cartridges, Buds, Distillate and Edibles available

Street Address los agenles california
City San franciso
ZIP/Postal Code 90001
State California
Country United States

GRADE A+STRAWBERRY HAZE AND STUDY BOOK AIDS FOR SALE COKE______BLACK TAR_______MOLLY________ADDY______Fentanyl patch Ritalin________oxycotine___________xanax__________Norco________valluim Suboxone________films_____Roxys blues____Dogfood____Green crack

Contact us via Text,call …….. (4084)188-259

Crystal meths_____Percs_____Anavah____testosteron inj____HGH____Anadrol DMT_____Shard________Ritalin_____Extasy____MDMA______Vicodin______Hydrocodone For more details hit me up ______???????? ??????

Text …… (4084)188-259
_________Here is the list of strains we have in stock?_________Fake IDS——-glock 27 _________ambien__________cocke__________mdma_________china white___________dilaudid___ROXY’S BLUES____steroid? BLUE DREAM_________GRADE: A BUBBA KUSH_________GRADE: AAA_________? MASTER KUSHvGRADE: A+ LEMMON HAZvGRADE: AAA_________ WHITE WIDOW_________GRADE: A+ STRAWBERRY COUGH_________GRADE: AAA GREEN CRACK_________GRADE: AA SOUR DIESEL_________GRADE: A+ TOP SHELF
CANTACT VIA Text or call…… (4084)188-259

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