Top quality Marijuana strains , High THC % same day delivery.

Street Address NJ
City NJ
ZIP/Postal Code 07001
State New Jersey
Country United States

Also available are variety of cannabis.
(Sour Diesel)
(Jack Herer)
(Blueberry Yum Yum)
(Girl Scout Cookies)
(Pineapple Express)
(GrandDaddy Purple)
(OG Kush)
(Sour Og Kush)
(Green #####)
(Jack Dream)
(Purple Kush)
(Bubba Kush)
(Bubblegum Kush)
(Master Kush)
(Purple Haze)
(Banana Kush)
(Orange kush)
(Night Queen)
(Big Bud)
(White Russia)
(White Widow)

contact us :
Email :
Text :+1 (646) 791-9685
Whatsapp : +1 (202) 827-5696
Wickr: kushpusher200

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