Yoga and Cannabis in Beverly Hills

City Beverly Hills
ZIP/Postal Code 90210
State California
Country United States

Dr. D. Elevated Yoga!

Dr. D. and team bring you a wonderful cannabis and yoga experience.
Guests arrive to our lovely private venue, park, and enter through our pedestrian gate.
Have a seat in our lovely poolside outdoor seating area to chill, set gear down, grab water out of ice chest before class.
Dr. D. will explain some of the science behind how cannabis is a natural pain reliever as well as share, where the cannabis product of the evening came from, why safe, how made, and how to use. A high end vape pen and cannabis oil cartridge will be given to everyone for enjoyment throughout the class by a licensed delivery serivce Dr. D. has teamed up with.
Now that everyone is up to speed on cannabis our pro yoga team takes the wheel!
Here is there message to you:
For thousands of years, the practice of yoga, and the use of cannabis has gone hand in hand. Both yoga and ganja are believed to increase awareness, and reduce pain, expand certain areas of brain activity, induce states of meditation, and awaken higher levels of consciousness. In this 90 minute Yin Yoga class, we explore the finest cannabis combined with deep, restorative stretches, and meditative contemplation. Unite your body, mind, and soul through this relaxing practice in our Beverly Hills sanctuary overlooking the natural beauty of the surrounding landscape. Students of all levels are welcome.

Much love!

Team Dr. D.

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